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Rudraksh Power Combination

Health Power

The combination is made of 2 beads of 3 Mukhi and 3 beads of 5 Mukhi Rudraksha. It helps in proper blood circulation, relief from stress, anxiety and complexes. Ideal for people suffering from blood pressure & diabetes.
  Rs. 1,850/-

Education Power

This combination is made of 2 beads of 4 Mukhi and 1 bead of 6 Mukhi Rudraksha and specially designed for students. It increases mental power, concentration, intelligence and focus.
  Rs. 450/-

Navagraha Shanti

This combination is made of 1 bead each of 3 Mukhi (Agni), 5 Mukhi (Lord Rudra), 10 Mukhi (Lord Vishnu), 11 Mukhi (Lord Hanuman) and 12 Mukhi (Lord Surya) Rudraksha. This combination bring comfort and mental peace to the wearer.
  Rs. 33,850/-

Unity Power

This combination is made of 1 bead of Gauri Shankar Rudraksha and 2 Mukhi Rudraksha. This brings Peace, Happiness and Comfort in the family. It harmonizes the entire atmosphere around the wearer. This combination improves good marital relationship or marriage prospects for bachelors. Also useful for couples desiring children and for persons seeking a Soul-mate.
  Rs. 13,400/-

Ganesh Laxmi (For people in Service)

This combination is made of 2 beads of 7 Mukhi Mahalaxmi Rudraksha and 1 bead of 8 Mukhi Ganesh Rudraksha and is intended for removal of obstacles, bestowing prosperity and giving leadership qualities.
  Rs. 9,000/-

Ganesh Laxmi (For Women)

This combination is made of 2 beads of 7 Mukhi Rudraksha and 1 bead each of 8 Ganesh Rudraksha and 9 Mukhi Goddess Durga Rudraksha. and is intended for removal of obstacles, bestowing prosperity and giving leadership qualities. It removes depression & fear.
  Rs. 18,000/-

Surya Power

A single bead of a 12 Mukhi Rudraksha for strength, brilliance and radiance of the Sun can be worn around the neck, It removes worry, suspicion, fear and increasing leadership and administrative qualities.
  Rs. 15,000/-

Mohini Power

This combination consists of Lord Kamdeva 13 Mukhi Rudraksha & 2 beads of 6 Mukhi Lord Kartikeya Rudraksha. It enhance Charisma Attraction / Magnetism / Brilliance. Ideal for people having political ambitions & for people in media.
  Rs. 16,300/-

Siddha Mala

All Rudrakshas from one to 14 Mukhis, Gaurishankar and Ganesh are used to make this extremely powerful and popular combination. A Siddha mala is considered as one-stop solution for most of the general problems one encounters in day-to-day life like obstacles, stress, fear, legal issues and family problems. The 14 Mukhi Rudraksha in this mala improves the visualization power so that wrong decisions are not taken and one can judge what type of people one is dealing with Safety of self and entire family is provided by this powerful combination. In Shiva Puran, Lord Shiva says that one who wears all the beads (from one to 14 Mukhis) becomes full of Shaivatva.
  Rs. 1,61,000/-

Mangal Mala

Rudraksha from one to 10 Mukhi, Gaurishankar and Ganesh are used in this combination. With 10 Mukhi as the lead bead, this mala offers protection against enmity, competition, black magic etc. Seven and eight Mukhi Rudrakshas offer prosperity and remove obstacles and nine Mukhi Rudraksha makes one fearless. Mangal mala is used for general welfare of self and family.
  Rs. 41,000/-

Business Power (For Executives & Businessmen)

The Ganesh Laxmi combination (2 beads of 7 Mukhi and 1 bead of 8 Mukhi) when enhanced by a 12 Mukhi Surya Rudraksha gives excellent results For strength & determination 1 bead of 11 Mukhi Lord Hanuman can also be added.
  Rs. 35,000/-

Business Power (For Marketing & Trading)

The Ganesh Laxmi combination (2 beads of 7 Mukhi & 1 bead of 8 Mukhi) when enhanced by a 13 Mukhi Lord Indra & Lord Kamdeva Rudraksha gives the wearer an ability to attract new relationships, contracts. Also enhances the name & fame of the wearer.
  Rs. 24,000/-

Raksha Pendant / Dosh Nivaran

A combination of mercury beads and a 10 Mukhi Lord Vishanu Rudraksha When hang at the entrance of the house is a very powerful combination. It wards off negativity & evil spirits.
  Rs. 7,100/-

Dhyan Yog

This is very intense combination of Mukhi Lord Shiva Rudraksha, Gauri Shankar, 9 Mukhi Goddess Durga Rudraksha and 11 Mukhi Lord Hanuman Rudraksha. This is highly beneficial for Dhyan, Samadhi, Meditation and opening up of chakras.
  Rs. 33,500/-

Business Power (For Industrialists/Speculators/Finance Investors)

14 Mukhi Rudraksha known as "Dev Mani". It enhances the six senses, gut feeling and helps in taking the right decision. It also protects the wearer from unforeseen losses and ill health. This rare Rudraksha combined with Ganesh Laxmi gives extremely beneficial results.
  Rs. 84,000/-

Total Protection

A combination of 9 Mukhi (Goddess Durga) 10 Mukhi (Lord Vishnu) and 11 Mukhi (Lord Hanuman) is recommended as it removes fear of any kind and to instill confidence in face of all adverse situations bravely. Wearer is blessed with lot of Energy, Power, Dynamism and Fearlessness. 10 & 11 Mukhi Rudraksha also pacify all planets.
  Rs. 27,000/-

Water Beads

Three beads of 5 Mukhi (Water Therapy) Rudraksha should be kept is a glass filled with water over night and this water if taken in the morning on an empty stomach is highly beneficial for Blood Pressure control, lower cholesterol and relief from chronic illness.
  Rs. 450/-

Vaastu Bandh

This combination is made up of Sphatik Crystal and 1 bead of 12 Mukhi Lord Surya Rudraksha. It should be hung in the North East or Center of the house or office to clear Vaastu Dosh or to enhance prosperity and positivism in the premises.
  Rs. 15,200/-
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